Live currency rates widget

Live currency rates are a great way to add useful and relevant information to your site. This widget provides your visitors with free rates for the 9 most traded currency pairs in the currency market. This information can be of interest to trading experts, potential traders, or anyone with an ounce of curiosity about the world of international finance. In any case, most people would appreciate free currency rates that are updated live.

For visitors with a knowledge of trading, seeing the rates being updated live may well inform them about a trend in one or more of the currency pairs, which means that they will want to trade that pair immediately. And what better way to do this than to just click on the widget that brought them the information in the first place, open an eToro account, and start trading that pair before the trend reverses.

Visitors with no prior trading experience can just as well be impressed by the lively and constantly changing rates that indicate the excitement of trading. And once again they can very comfortably get started by clicking on the widget to start their trading experience at eToro.

Placing this widget on your site is a sure way to keep your visitors informed and your conversion rates high.

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